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Vote ID

The player votes on our website, and our platform automatically triggers and signals to your game server, your player's vote in order to reward him.
    • Allows you to verify a vote using your player's account ID
    • API compatible with IPv4 and IPv6 protocol
    • Offers better performance
Go to our platform, in the API configuration of your game server and define the URL according to your environment, in these examples, api-vote is the name of the API script:
  • Example :
  • Example :

Voting URL

You must define within your website, a dynamic voting link for your player. This link must imperatively contain the ID of your game server as well as the ID of your player's account within your game server.
  • Example :


You must create a new file, specific to our API for your website, this script must not be in a secure area and must be freely accessible so that our platform can call it after a vote. Our API allows you to reward your player for having made a vote for your game server within our platform, for this you must adapt and add the script of your reward.

    // Secret key of your game server
    define('GAME_KEY', 'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx');

    // Data Verification
    if(!isset($_GET['miaw']) && empty($_GET['miaw']))

        // The request is incomplete
        die('GET method is not defined');

        // Data decoding
        $_API = json_decode(base64_decode($_GET['miaw']), true, 2, JSON_OBJECT_AS_ARRAY);

        // $_API['key'] => Secret key of your game server
        // $_API['ip'] => Your player's IPv4 or IPv6 address
        // $_API['ipv4'] => Your player's IPv4 address
        // $_API['id'] => Your player's account ID

        if($_API['key'] == GAME_KEY)

            // You can reward your player
            // Identify your player using $_API['id']

            // The secret keys are not identical
            // The request is probably falsified
            die('Keys do not match');