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Callback URL

The player votes on our platform, and, at the end of this vote, is redirected to your website using a specific parameter in our URL. You must first install our Vote API.
  • A GET type parameter must be passed to our URL
  • Parameter value must be URL encoded
  • Failing to vote, the parameter will be lost if the player consults our platform
The first step is to encode your redirect URL, for this there is a function in PHP allowing you to do this:

    // Result //
Some examples of URL's on which you can redirect your player with an automatic redirection at the end of the vote:
  • URL of your game server record
  • Voting URL to customize according to API

PHP Example

<a href="<?= urlencode('') ?>" title="Vote on">Vote on</a>
<a href="<?= $playerid ?>/?callback=<?= urlencode('') ?>" title="Vote on">Vote on</a>